Wilkins Chiropractic Center teaches and inspires people to utilize chiropractic and wellness treatments as a cornerstone of maintaining optimum health. We have a wide variety treatments and care plans to suit your individual needs.
We specialize in the following treatment: spinal manipulation, therapeutic modalities, massages therapy, rehabilitation exercises, laser allergy treatments, ear candling and the aqua chi detox.
The center also has on site x-ray so that we can quickly assess your problem, and implement the appropriate treatment plan that will be most beneficial for optimal healing and restoration of total health.
We offer a fully equipped rehabilitation suite with a licensed physical therapist to work in conjunction with our chiropractic treatments to insure that you will receive the best care to achieve all your health needs.
Our staff also includes a licensed massage therapist, which is available for all your soft tissue and muscular needs. This includes deep tissue, Swedish, pregnancy, and reflexology.

Laser allergy Treatment

The LZR7 is a new advanced technology that provides a safe and effective treatment (without drugs or needles) for relieving seasonal, food, animals, environmental and many more allergies. This is all done with the use of a class 3 laser and technology that will make you allergy free! The LZR7 also helps to improve symptoms of autism, asthma, psoriasis, ADD/ADHD, fibromyalgia and irritable bowl syndrome. This has been huge benefit for allergy suffers and has been integrated in our office since 2010. This treatment is also safe for children as well.